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Problem Set 5

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This week's problem set consists of a few brief exercises about this week's material, as well as two practice quizzes.

While the practice quizzes are primarily intended for your benefit, your grade on this problem set will depend on your completing at least one of the practice quizzes (you will not be graded on the correctness of your practice quiz, but rather on attempting the quiz by submitting something to each of the questions).

You are strongly encouraged to work through both practice quizzes under a close approximation to exam conditions.


A checkmark next to each exercise below indicates that you have submitted an answer for every question in that exercise. Exercises with the symbol ("no python") are intended to be solved by hand, without the use of computation.

Note that, while you will see feedback about the correctness of your submissions, you will have a limited number of submissions for each problem.


There is no lab this week.

Practice Quizzes

Each of the quizzes below is intended to be representative of the rough length, and difficulty of quiz 1. We strongly recommend working through the practice quizzes under normal quiz conditions (study for them as you would the quiz, try to prepare an appropriate reference sheet, do not use external resources, set a time limit for yourself, etc).

As with the regular quiz, you will not be able to see feedback on your correctness during the practice quiz. However, we will publish solutions a bit closer to the quiz date.




Solutions for the practice quizzes are also available, but we strongly encourage you not to look at them until you have taken the exams in an authentic environment.