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Throughout 6.003, we will be using computation as a tool to help us understand the core 6.003 theory, and to apply that theory to authentic problems. To this end, you'll often be asked to write programs in the Python programming language to help you explore key ideas in 6.003.

Please follow the instructions below to make sure you have installed an appropriate version of Python, as well as the libraries we'll be using in 6.003 (numpy , matplotlib, pillow, and lib6003; and, optionally, pyaudio).

A Note About Python Versions

It is important that you install Python version 3.6 or newer (earlier versions may not work), and we strongly recommend using Python version 3.9. The automatic checkers on the web site will be running Python 3.9.1.

Installation Instructions


lib6003 API Reference


lib6003 is Free/Libre software, available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. The source code is available here.